Child Care

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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Quality Child Care in Every Home



Providers undergo an in-depth recruitment process to ensure sure they are qualified and trained on the Ministry of Education’s Child Care and Early Years Act. Each  Child Care provider  has provided a criminal reference check with yearly updated declarations which are submitted to the Ministry  of Education. Our RECE Home Visitor  visits the child care home regularly to verify the Child Care and Early Years Act requirements and that the City's Quality Assurance Standards and A.L.L Home Child Care expectations are met. This ensures that the care your child is receiving is safe, nurturing and stimulating. Each child is a unique learner and will be provided opportunities and activities to explore, investigate and nurture authentic relationships through adult supported provocations / invitations and children initiated interests within their environment as their skills & development continue to progress at their own individual pace. Through these experiences, the Provider will strive to promote the health, safety, nutrition and well-being of all children in the program. 

​Professional Child Care Providers to Choose From



A supportive relationship between parents, Providers and A.L.L Home Child Care and Learning Services will help ensure the best quality care for each child. Communication among the parents, Provider and A.L.L Home Child Care and Learning Services Ltd. is an important part of parental involvement. We encourage and provide opportunities for our Home Child Care Providers to recognize the importance of self-reflective practice and on-going professional learning opportunities to provide nurturing, responsive learning environments.

Low Ratios and Great Rates

Low child/educator ratios in each home, allows our Child Care Providers to attend to each child's' individual needs and provide stimulating quality programming.

Licensed home child care offers families the flexibility in hours of care and daily schedule your is looking for to fit your family's needs and lifestyle. Whether you are returning to work or entering the workforce for the first time, Licensed home child care can give parents peace of mind knowing that for siblings can be together close to your home school or work in a comfortable family style setting.

1. Complete and Submit the request for Child Care Application below.

2. Look for an acknowledgment email or phone call. within 24 hours from A.L.L Home Child Care & Learning Services Ltd.

3. Once your child's admission and start date have been confirmed with the Home Visitor and Provider, the Home Visitor will meet with you at the Provider home, to complete the child care admission package in full prior to your child's first day. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to review the package and share information with the Provider  such as parent contact information, Doctor's contact information, health related information, etc.   This meeting is the first opportunity for you to share information about your child and ask questions. You are encouraged to share as much information as you feel comfortable, to support a successful positive experience for you, the Provider and your child(ren).